Monday, April 17, 2006

Fire Hydrant and Fiery Tree


Mad Guru said...

Interesting piece. I like the contrast of the dark trunk/branches to the firey, orange leaves!

bingo and betty said...

excellent 'A', what size and medium, you just finish this one?

Suji said...

Awesome!!! This must be inspired by one of the ur wonderful fall photos.

p a l l a v a said...

wow! nice colors.. so alive.. very nice arv! latest piece?

Jo said...



Amrita said...

wow! thats a really nice painting, is it by u? now i understand why u asked about my sketches-ur an artist. great work and nice blog.

meghjanmi said...

i believe that seeing a painting brings in moods and influences thoughts..ur latest just brought fire behind my eyes..ready,set..go:)

arvindh said...

Mad Guru,
Thank you. Actually the contrast on the actual tree should be seen to be believed - it was a rainy day and the bark had turned a deeper brown. Imagine this deep colour against the rain washed orange leaves! That was a sight to behold!

bingo and betty,
Thank you. This is a 11X14 acrylic and watercolour on paper done 2 years ago.

You are right - this is from some reference photos I shot.

Thank you - it was done sometime back.

Thank you - it is watercolour and acrylic.

Thank you and welcome to my blog.

Thank you for your inspiring words!

Eikki said...

Wow it's amazing, is like tree is on fire but more alive than ever. Congrats

the heartful blogger said...


Holly said...

I love this. Makes me look forward to autumn and halloween. Very lovely. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi all!