Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Fall Painting

Sorry to be uploading fall paintings in Spring! Haven't done much lately.


meghjanmi said...

arvindh,enakku apt a irukku..i am seeing ur pics daily out of my window..:)
and kannukku virundu padaikkara..sorry ellam yen pa solra..
nice one,superb,gud work,wonderful..un paintings a describe panniye vaarthai ellam theerndudum no glowing tributes from now on..u know i know u do everything well..:)

nirmala said...

Nice work arvindh like the texture n the colors ..a simple beautiful painting....

Suji said...

Wonderful as always! It seems you love to paint trees. I love trees too.....but too bad I can't paint them.

Jo said...

Another nice work Arvindh. Have you tried any peculiar canvas like glass or something?

LLB said...

I like your work very much! Thanks also for commenting on my blog regarding the Spirit of A Woman Series.
Drop by anytime.

the heartful blogger said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! Who cares if it's a fall painting, it's beautiful.

By the way, I'm giving away some free art, drop by my blog for a look.

And thanks for your comment on my photo friday photo.

Hans said...

Great painting! Really made those orange colors pop out. Being down here in Florida I comepletely miss out on the beuty of fall.


Alina Chau said...

beautiful and poetic!!

p a l l a v a said...

mm more nice piece! i liked to see the canvas texture. it adds the beauty..

Tasha said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I'll definitely be stopping back to see more. :)

arvindh said...

Thank you - romba thottutta! However I do understand what you mean - I have also felt that way with most blogs: there is nothing more to write than compliment the posting. So my next post is going to be different, I am going to post different versions of the same painting and I would like feedback from the viewers.

Thank you. The painting knife helps create texture.

Thank you. I am quite sure that you would do a great job if you tried. I have seen your sketches - they are great. And painting is nothing but sketching with paint!

Thank you. I do want to try glass painting. I have always loved looking at glass paintings. Must be fun to try my hand at them.

Thank you. I found your blog very interesting.

Thanks! Well you have the gorgeous sea to draw inspiration from!

Thank you.

Thanks. I like the canvas texture too.

Thank you. Enjoyed going through your blog. Please visit again!

arvindh said...

Tammy Hanna,
You are giving away some wonderful stuff! However, unfortunately, I do not currently have any postcard sized art to swap with you. If you could wait for sometime I could paint something in the near future (read as: couple of months!).

Mad Guru said...

Very nice color on this piece as well. I like the sense of depth and the beautiful details in the trunk. The texture on the tree trunks is beautiful.