Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An old sketch

There is no such thing as a poor subject.


Anonymous said...

I love the virgorous markings in the sketch and I love your sunset painting, such a feeling of warmth ! :)

p a l l a v a said...

hi arv, nice sketch! sketch of your own legs? have you checked photo of diah yulianti's sketch cum diary book? it's nice to be able to make such thing, alternative to writing..
salam, h

meghjanmi said...

of urself?..nice perspective..

Suji said...

Great sketch! Is that ur leg and ur sketch book?

Mad Guru said...

Very nice sketch. Hmm...that makes me think of some hand sketches I did a few years ago. I'll have to post them. I really like the perspective, sense of depth and the line work!

Ujwala said...

very nice. i have one of these too :P for me it was the easiest model to find - my limbs - dont even need mirrors!

thanks for stopping by. maybe you could check out some of my work at http://ujwala.wordpress.com/ very very much still under constuction.

thennavan said...


Hans said...

Great sketches and paintings. Love the loose lines, makes it very energetic.


Diana said...

i simply admire sketches and the one u have drawn is worth admiring

arvindh said...

Thank you.

I did go through Diah Yulianti's work (among the pics you sent me). They look great. I do see that she has a sketch book in her hand - did you take pics of some of her sketches from this sketch book?
You are right it is nice to have a pictorial record through a sketchbook. It is precisely this that I attempted when I was in India last summer.

Meghjanmi and Suji,
Yes, you are right.

Mad guru,
Thanks. I like your hand sketches.

Ha ha, that is correct!

Just checked out the link you provided - fantastic work! I love your portraits with washes. (I have posted my comment there)

Thank you - first I thought HTNYD stood for How To Name Your Drawing! A moment later I realized that it must stand for Happy Tamil New Year's Day!

Thank you. I enjoyed going through your work.

Thank you.