Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Blank Page

Blank Page -
Stiff and cold
As the weather in the Midwest
Stares at you
Gives you the chills
Dares you
To write a word

You stare back
Try and take the plunge

Blank Page -
Stiff and White
As the snow in Cleveland
Paralyses you
Slows you down
Dares you
To write another

You try and move
Hoping you don’t slip


Blank page -
Stiff and crumpled
As it rolls towards the wpb
Stares at you
From under the table
Having had
Its last laugh


workhard said...

HI, this is a nice poem

Write poetry

Suji said...

Thats a nice poem. Simple yet with great visualization. I could almost see the look on the face of the paper. :)