Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Seven things learnt

I am usually averse to taking up tags. I have declined several in the past as I feel very lazy to come up with answers to questions on specified topics. Recently Adnan tagged me and, as usual, my first reaction was to just pass this politely. However, the tag was pretty flexible, I just have to post seven things on any topic I liked. So here we go:

Seven things I learnt from the challenge of drawing with my non-dominant left hand:

  1. First of all the left hand can draw.
  2. The scale of the work matters in how effective the drawing is rendered -
  3. Surprisingly a larger work is easier to do than a smaller one
  4. On reflection, this is not so surprising because a larger scale demands less control over the pen/conte crayon
  5. The tool used matters in how effective the work is -
  6. A piece of charcoal or conte crayon is easier to use compared to a fine tipped pen – I suspect that this is because of reasons similar to scale of the drawing – that is, you need more control to wield the pen as opposed to a broad tipped crayon.
  7. Drawing with the left hand at times feels like you are watching someone else work! It is so much fun. But I suspect that this fun is short lived as the novelty will wear off with time.
Anybody who reads this can take up the tag and post on any 7 things of interest. I would love it if everyone who responds to this post can experiment with their non-dominant hand and writes about the experience. I will understand if you pass - but I shall call you Lazy!


Kenny O said...

HEy, I'm somewhat new to this Blog thing, just looking at other Blogs to get ideas! I enjoyed yours! have a good day!


Velu Nair said...

drawing with the left hand!
i a one of those who cant draw with the wright hand either... lol!

u have a nice blog here, btw!

Suji said...

I am very lazy...lol. But I will try to draw with my left hand and then post my efforts for u to judge. You made me realise that I can draw with my right hand...now lets check out the left one.

Suji said...

Hey Arvindh, I have posted my left-handed sketching efforts...check them out. :-)

Eff Gwazdor said...

Wow - I really like the thoughtful writing on this site. I'll def check it out again.

I'm doing an art project - it's drawing (with lines, but not much color) & video but it involves writing too, so I thought you might be interested since you write this blog...

Check it out if you have a sec - - - Perceival.

Mad Guru said...

Interesting observations. I have done a few sketches with my left hand in the past. Desfineately a good excercise to try again!

bess said...

I've tried drawing with my left, it was just as messy as with my right...

Melpomene said...

Hi Arvindh,

Love your blog! :D Am adding you to my links ..... hope it's ok.

I too have just started experimenting with painting with my non-dominant hand. For me, it is a lesson in letting go as I tend to obssess on details and overwork my paintings sometimes. Here is what I discovered ..... I should chop off my dominant hand! Hahahahahahaha. I LOVE the look of my left handed sketches and paintings! Freer and more spontaneous. I'm having a little trouble uploading my latest paintings though, so they're aren't in my blog yet.

Cheers and keep posting!