Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Satire on Bus service in Chennai

I identify myself as a Chennai vaasi. I spent a glorious 14 years of my life in Chennai to stake my claim to the coveted title. I do not know how many other Chennai Vaasis remember those days (about ten years ago) when every little corporation limit had its own "newspaper". Basically the newspaper was a small newsletter kind of stuff that was distributed free of cost. These newspapers had at the most one or two articles, a small ‘letters to the editor’ column, classifieds for people to wish each other on their birthdays, anniversaries etc., and the remaining vast majority of the paper was dedicated to advertisements (which was the whole point of the enterprise of bringing out this paper) by the local merchants. In Avadi we had the ‘The Avadi Post’.
I had always wanted to see myself in Print. When I was a teenager I was attempting to dash off articles to newspapers and magazines ( Young world of The Hindu and jokes to the Reader’s Digest – none of which go published), and the Avadi Post sounded as good as any other to try my luck. It was then that I wrote the following satirical article on the local bus service in Avadi. To my immense delight it got published. I am posting that article in my next post with a few modifications.
In order to follow this article, this is what you need to know: 65B is the only bus that connects HVF Estate (Heavy Vehicles Factory Estate) to the rest of Chennai. One could take the bus to Avadi circle to get connecting buses to the rest of the city. However, if one felt inclined to walk (one usually wouldn’t, what with the sun beating down mercilessly), a good half an hour to forty five minutes walk would take you to the main bus stand in Avadi circle. Ok, now, if you have the patience, you are ready to read the next post.

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