Thursday, January 04, 2007

Abstract Photographs

Wish you all a very happy new year! From now on I shall post my photographs and writing at this Artwork blog instead of having separate blogs for them. The old posts in those blogs will continue to remain there as I have no idea how to move them here without playing havoc with the comments section on those posts.


Gladtomeetin said...

Cool ones asusual :-)) Thanks for the wishes and Happy New year to you too :-))

Am back to blogging :-))

Ujwala said...

Happy New Year Arvindh. Thanks for all your support.

I especially like the first one. It reminds of Diwali and Phooljhaddis :D

I know that you can combine two blogger ones into one in Wordpress imports it, comments and all but you'll need to do some reading before attempting it as sometimes if messes up the existing formats and also i'm not sure if the import function continues to work with the new Blogger.

Anonymous said...

hi arvindh, glad that you are going to post in one blog. i await your writing. you had nice long holiday ya?

warm wishes for the new days,

Balaji S Rajan said...


Wish you a happy new year. Wonderful photos. Lowlight, slow shutter and what not....Was the camera hand held or did you use a tripod?

bess said...

Play on light...these are fantastic! Happy New Year my Friend. I look forward to enjoying a new year of your art and writings.

Jo said...

That's a good decision Arvindh. Hoping to see more frequent updates here. :-)

bingo and betty said...

excellent, can't wait to see what your working on.